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Cow Horse Hall of Fame Sandy Collier Interview

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Personality Project with Lyn Anderson & Sandy Collier

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The latest DVD series featuring these two extra ordinary horsewomen sharing their insights, opinions, tips and tricks to help get your horse trained. Lyn & Sandy are real masters at understanding the various types of equine personalities and show you how to work with them to bring out their best. Fun, light, and very informative, must-have for your equestrian library.

Two-DVD set, run time 2 hrs and 23 minutes
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Horse & Rider Magazine highlights the Personality Project DVD

Clinic With Sandy Collier


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Have you always wanted to ride with a really great instructor and get some intensive coaching so you can to move to a new level? Here’s your chance!

Sandy Collier takes you to a 2 day clinic with a wide variety of riders who are learning it all. This video contains great demos on reining basics, exercises to fix problems and make corrections, plus multiple examples of riders starting horses on cattle.

3 DVDs in Standard Def or Hi-Def Blu Ray
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De-Mystify Your Lead Changes

Lead Change Video proofSept2009

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Leading Horsewoman Sandy Collier, shares her secrets to success with this great new video aimed at the rider struggling with lead changes. Sandy breaks down the essentials of training for good circles and lead changes into digestible, bite sized pieces.

Great rider demos, and drills to improve your horses responsiveness, collection and balance, plus “Sandy’s Great Fixes” for common lead problems that plague everyone heading for a show.

Whether your horse is a youngster or a old show horse, Sandy’s got the cure.
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In this video Sandy teaches you to train your horse to be enjoyable in every situation!

Have you ever wanted to teach your horse how to put its head down?
Give to the bridle?
Back up?
Go the speed that you want to go?
Or just steer better?

If so, then this is the video for you. This video is for novice riders who want to get a little more from their horse.
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Troubleshooting 4 volume DVD Series


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In this new multi-dvd series, Sandy Collier, world-renowned horsewoman and clinician, hones in on problems that plague every rider heading for the show ring. Sandy guides the viewer through her personal system of corrections and drills that pinpoint the real performance issues. She demonstrates her highly successful training methods and offers multi-disciplined tips and techniques that will help you improve your performance in and out of the show-ring.

Whether it’s your first show or your hundredth show, this series offers critical insights, based on over 20 years of experience and success, to help you get the edge you need to win.
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Troubleshooting Fence Work


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This video is part of Sandy’s multi-dvd series, Troubleshooting. There is a discount if you purchase all 4 videos as a set.

One cow horse, one cow, running fast, pretty much anything is possible.  Sandy demos how to get control, box, rate, turn and circle at shows.  Lots of examples discussed from cow horse competitions to help illustrate key points.

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Troubleshooting Herd Work


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This video is part of Sandy’s multi-dvd series, Troubleshooting. There is a discount if you purchase all 4 videos as a set.

Things can come unraveled pretty fast when you are trying to shape a wiley herd of cattle and make a good cut!  In this part of the series, Sandy illustrates common problems with actual show footage and and then demonstrates good schooling exercises and corrections.

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Troubleshooting Reined Work Vol I & II


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These videos are part of Sandy’s multi-dvd series, Troubleshooting. There is a discount if you purchase all 4 videos as a set.

When horses get to a show they sure can develop bad habits in the show ring that will plague you until you can pinpoint the real performance issues. Sandy has insightful tips and drills for re-schooling problem reining maneuvers to put your horse back on the right track.

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Sandy’s Bag of Magic Tricks

BagMagic Video1ProofSeept2009

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A “must have” video for riders of performance horses in just about any discipline. In this great video series Sandy shares her “magic tricks” that have helped her win both AQHA and NRCHA world championships.

Learn how to gain better control of your horse with corrections and drills to supple your horse and create a better athlete. Lots of suggestions and advice to help solve the most common performance problems everyone faces with their horses.
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More Magic

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More Magic is the sequel to the highly popular Magic Tricks video.

Sandy demos advancing a horse from the snaffle into the bridle with loads of helpful neck-reining exercises. Learn how to transition to riding effectively one-handed, and create a quiet, responsive performance horse.

Sandy also shares her favorite tack, bits, supplements and equine products. Plenty of horsemanship suggestions on this video to help every rider.
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Get Started Working Cows


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Learn the fundamentals of working cattle and developing control. Learn the essentials for working with cattle on horseback, for cutting, reined cow horse, team-penning, versatility or ranch work.

Sandy illustrates her points with a wide variety of horses and coaches riders at different skill levels. Many demos of common problems and “fixes” so you can progress with your horse.
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Lyn Anderson & Sandy Collier, Training for the Snaffle Bit Futurity


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A great educational video series aimed at developing young horses into Snaffle Bit Futurity prospects. Champion competitors Lyn Anderson (right) and Sandy Collier (left) combine a wealth of knowledge in training the cow horse for the futurities. You can share their highly successful methods from starting a colt in the round pen to winning down the fence in the show arena.

This two video series is a great learning tool that is full of examples, tips, and step by step instructions. If you’ve always wanted to ride in the Snaffle Bit Futurity, why not start by getting help from the best teachers in the business!