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Cow Horse Hall of Fame Lyn Anderson Interview

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Going for Broke, A 2 DVD Series (JUST RELEASED!)

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Tips, Techniques, and Exercises! Lyn Anderson is a supremely successful cow horse trainer and in this new series we see why! Lyn guides us through her personal training program–starting with a green yearling, on through to a finished bridle horse. She establishes the basics in the round pen with ground work and first rides, then adapts that core training to a series of young horses. With some insightful coaching of non pros riding multiple horses, we learn how to school for common problems. Lyn offers great advice and insights on how to get your horse ‘really broke’ and ready to perform in any discipline.

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Personality Project with Lyn Anderson & Sandy Collier


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The latest DVD series featuring these two extra ordinary horsewomen sharing their insights, opinions, tips and tricks to help get your horse trained. Lyn & Sandy are real masters at understanding the various types of equine personalities and show you how to work with them to bring out their best. Fun, light, and very informative, must-have for your equestrian library.

Two-DVD set, run time 2 hrs and 23 minutes
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Horse & Rider Magazine highlights the Personality Project DVD

Ride Smart in the Boxing Class


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At last! a life-line tossed to Non Pro Limited Riders who ride in the Boxing Class. World Champion Lyn Anderson, explains the rules, judging, and penalties, plus offers great suggestions, insight and advice to help Boxing Class riders get a better grip on showing their horse. Lyn does some great coaching over a wide variety of show footage and gives her own personal tips on how to become a better showman.

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Ride Smart: The Green Horse


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The latest and greatest, and VINTAGE LYN! Highly successful Cow Horse Trainer, Lyn Anderson shares the secrets of developing a young green horse into an athletic competitor.

Exercises and building blocks are employed to develop confidence and respect for the hands, legs and seat of the rider. Drills include the basics and move to more advanced work to teach bending, circles, spins, stops, roll-backs, softening exercises, lope off and lead changes. Great Demonstrations of how to ask for more precision, and quicker responses without creating defiance.

Next, take the building blocks and apply them to a cow in the arena, with a great system of corrections and rewards. Now the horse can start to learn to box, rate and turn a cow at the rider’s discretion. Lyn gives great advice and insights on how evaluate a horse’s response to training and what to do when problems develop.

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Cow Horse 101


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School has started, please take your seats! This educational video is aimed at the person new to stockhorse events, and wants to get started with reined cow horses. Lyn offers her insights and suggestions for the rider and shares a coaching session with non pro riders getting their horses prepared for a show. Plenty of advice and tips, and a primer on cow horse shows.
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Cow Horse Showmanship


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Lyn shares her methods to prepare a show horse, school at home for small problems that will plague you at a show, reduce penalties in the show situation, and tips on what catches the judges eye for credit. Demos of Herd Work, Reined Work, Boxing and Fence Work in show situations where competitors are making unintentional mistakes and losing points.

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Big Scores Down the Fence


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Veteran Cow Horse Trainer Lyn Anderson guides the viewer through a challenging series of fence works from recent NRCHA events. Share her insights as to what makes a high scoring run, and explanations of what it takes to show courage, degree of difficulty, control the cow and how good riders can finesse a difficult situation into a winning run.

A must have video for the true cow horse enthusiast and great help in understanding how big scores are made in this exciting sport.

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Making a Bridle Horse


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Learn the steps to putting your horse correctly in the bridle. In this video, Lyn Anderson’s step by step demos take you from the snaffle bit to the hackamore, to the two-rein phase, and build a solid training foundation to put a horse straight up in the bridle.

Lyn gives a visual tour of the wide variety of bits available, and explains their uses. Great tips and advice from a seven-time winner of the Supreme Reined Cow horse Award.

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4 DVD Fence Training Series


“Need Help Training and Showing Your Cowhorse?”

Intro Into Fencework
Schooling the Cowhorse
Showing Down the Fence
Analyzing Fence Runs

Lyn Anderson is one of the best fence work riders you’ll see in cow horse competitions today. Her consistently well-trained horses, many championship titles and thrilling fence runs are legend in the NRCHA. How does she do it? Learn the basics to developing a good fence horse, and share her knowledge and expertise in getting the most out of your competitions. Many valuable tips on schooling at home, setting yourself up for success are contained in these four videos.

Fence Training: Analyzing Fence Work


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This video is part of Lyn’s multi-dvd series, Fence Training. There is a discount if you purchase all 4 videos as a set.

Fence Training: Intro to Fence Work


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This video is part of Lyn’s multi-dvd series, Fence Training. There is a discount if you purchase all 4 videos as a set.

Fence Training: Schooling the Cow Horse


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This video is part of Lyn’s multi-dvd series, Fence Training. There is a discount if you purchase all 4 videos as a set.

Fence Training: Showing Down the Fence

showing_fence proof

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This video is part of Lyn’s multi-dvd series, Fence Training. There is a discount if you purchase all 4 videos as a set.
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Lyn Anderson & Sandy Collier, Training for the Snaffle Bit Futurity


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A great educational video series aimed at developing young horses into Snaffle Bit Futurity prospects. Champion competitors Lyn Anderson (right) and Sandy Collier (left) combine a wealth of knowledge in training the cow horse for the futurities. You can share their highly successful methods from starting a colt in the round pen to winning down the fence in the show arena.

This two video series is a great learning tool that is full of examples, tips, and step by step instructions. If you’ve always wanted to ride in the Snaffle Bit Futurity, why not start by getting help from the best teachers in the business!