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Summertime on the Farm

Don’t know how the summer weather has been treating you where you live, but here in Oregon we’ve been keeping our 80 degree weather SECRET! Of course it couldn’t last forever, but it sure has been grand to get up in the morning, put on a simple t-shirt, head to the barn and ride.
Of course the flip side of hot weather is that every varmit and bug in the countryside wants to move into your house, barn, and pasture and stake a claim! The deer jump our perimeter fences and have helped themselves to our entire strawberry crop….burp…and finished up by flossing their teeth with my rosebushes!   Image result for yellow jacketsThe nasty little yellow jackets have taken a fancy to the porches and carport and attack you as you come and go. I accidentally found a great way to kill them. Take a bowl of water and put a few drops of dawn dish soap in it and the wasps jump in and drown themselves gladly. (I was just cleaning out a dog bowl when I stumbled on this simple solution!)
We just bought a 4 yr old QH/Andalusian…ie an Azteca. Nice looking, nice moving, well made and athletic 15.2 dapple gray mare. My cow horse friends jumped in to help. Lyn Anderson put a 30 day start on her, then my friend Murray (world champ NP bridle circa 2011) hauled her half way up to OR. It’s a bit of culture shock moving up here for her. It’s a very different type of country, weather, turn out situation, and finding her place ‘in the herd.’
It’s been quite comical to see how my other horses have reacted. Predictably, my big 17.3 hanoverian gelding, Stinky is infatuated, and you can see him out by the fence showing off his biceps. Bubi the 26 year old is ignoring the whole drama, and concentrating on hogging the hay bin during the distractions. On the opposite side, Domino is squeaking and squawking over the gate when Azteca comes near. In an effort to get acquainted, Dommie shoved her hay under the gate the other morning, so Azteca could reach it, and then began squealing when she ate it. Go figure? It’s a real soap opera down at the barn.

Horse show season is well underway, and we have several great videos on offer to improve your show experience. Lyn Anderson’s Showmanship and Ride Smart in the Boxing Class are full of examples of the right and wrong ways to prepare and present your horse, plus tips on what will appeal to the judge. Lyn also has multiple titles on training your horse to excel in Fence Work—Lyn’s specialty. Sandy Collier’s Troubleshooting Series is super helpful in understanding all the elements that go into competitive herd, reined, and cow work with tons of real time examples and corrections.
Happy trails, Marleen